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Nagasaki Cradle of Japanese Industry

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 16th March 2016.

Dr. Brian Newman who works for Newcastle University gave a talk entitled “Nagasaki Cradle of Japanese Industry” which covered the rise of Japan’s industrial system from 1890 on.

Brian started by showing a ground map of japan and explaining that he was visiting 5 sites within the country as one of three UK delegates for UNESCO to assess them as worthy to be classed as world Heritage sites.

Dejima Island which was the only port linked to the outside world between 1639 to 1860 and was the first to be viewed, pictures of the area were shown and a painting of the “Bombardment of Kagoshima was shown, The Satsuma Clan were forced to pay £25,000 compensation to the British because of the action we took.

Brian then went on to talk about Thomas Blake Glover who was instrumental in the Japanese industrial system by founding the railway system, ship building, coal mining with people like Iwasaki Yanosuke who founded the Mitsubishi company who developed all manner of industries. The Kosuge Slipway for ship repair was next followed by the Shipyard Museum and Senshokaku guest house within the ship yard grounds many photo’s shown.

Hashima Island (also called Gunkanjima which means Battleship) because of its outline was next to be visited followed be Nagasaki No3. Graving Dock and Omuts with the Miyanohara Colliery Miike Harbour-Port and finally the Nagasaki railway system. All the photos showed installations with their original motors pumps lifting gear dating from 1900 to 1915 that were still in working order and no vandalism or urban graffiti was anywhere to be seen.

Questions followed on several points to conclude this excellent presentation for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed it.

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