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Antique Clocks & Mechanical Music

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 16th January 2016.

A factual and very interesting presentation this week was given by Mr. Colin Cave (a club member) on “Antique Clocks & Mechanical Music” at this week’s.

Colin a time served Electrician started by telling us that when he was a boy doing his newspaper round one Christmas an old lady gave him a musical box as a present and he was fascinated with the subject from then on.

Colin brought two of his own music boxes for us to see and then went on to show a number of antique clocks, some of his own and others from museums with one being a clock given by Henry V111 to Anne Boleyn (it is now in the Royal Collection, St. James Palace).

Several videos were shown of music boxes of different types from mechanical driven cylinder units through punched paper operated to copper or steel plate’s disks which controlled the sound comb, the box sizes ranged from shoe box size up to fair ground orchestra show vehicles.

Questions followed on several points to conclude a very entertaining morning.

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