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The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 23rd September 2015.

Dr. Jared Johnson who was a Teacher for 20 years gave us a presentation entitled “Agincourt” at this week’s meeting of the Cullercoats Men’s Club. Jared starting by saying was a major battle in the 100 years was and took place on 25th October 1415 “St Christens day”, also the size of each army has been exaggerated over the years.

Jared told us the background to the battles the claims of Henry V about the rightful king of France between himself and the Dauphin (Charles 1V).

It was the makeup of the opposing armies and the terrain that gave the English the advantage because even though the French outnumbered the English by 4 to 1 the English longbow men were 80% of the army to the French had 20% crossbow men which did not have the range or accuracy and due to the heavy mud on the battle field due to ploughing and rain fall the day before. Henry was eventually able to fulfil all his objectives, he was recognised by the French in the 1420 Treaty of Troyes as the regent and heir to the French throne.

This was cemented by his marriage to Catherine of Valois, the daughter of King Charles VI. However, Henry died at the age of thirty-six, two months before King Charles, thus he never actually became King of France.

Our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, questions followed on several points to conclude a delightful morning.

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