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WW2 Mrs Ferguson's Tea Set

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 5th April 2017.

Mr Michael Smith who worked for a pharmaceutical company and then software company in the aviation industry gave us a presentation today on “WW2 Mrs Ferguson's Tea Set”.

Michael started by saying this tale is stranger than fiction, it’s about a young engineer Alan Ferguson and his wife Violet who were going out to Singapore aboard the steamship Automedon encountered the German surface raider Atlantis. Captain Bernhard Rogge of the Atlantis set a time limit of three hours during which time 31 British and 56 Chinese crewmen, 3 passengers, their possessions, all the frozen meat and food and the ship's papers were transferred to the Atlantis and then sank the Automedon with scuttling explosives.

Violet’s requested that her trunks which were stored in a compartment off the map room trunks be brought across this compartment also contained several mail bags. Captain Bernhard Rogge reviewed this mail and found a top secrete letter to British Far East Command, including a large quantity of decoding tables, Fleet orders, gunnery instructions, and Naval Intelligence reports. These were used by the German high command to get Japan to attack Russia on its Eastern front to help Hitler with his fight against the Russian army.

The Japanese instead decided to go south and attempt to expand their territory at the expense of the British holdings and eventually America when they imposed an embargo of all goods because of their hostilities. Thus America had to enter the war and we now have the results of that.

A very good informative morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

The whole presentation was very humorous throughout and had the men in continual laughter.

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