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A Field Trip to Antarctica

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 30th November 2016

A factual and very interesting presentation by Mr. Peter Talbot on “A Field Trip to Antarctica”.

Peter started by saying that he is a working supporter of “Prostate Cancer UK” and he fee would go to it, he also outline the work done by the charity and the nurses and facilities that exist in this area to support Prostate cancer patients. He then went on to describe how he became interested in the Antarctic /Artic from school age and why he decided to go on the field trip which was to take 2 weeks on the continent after a training course which had to be completed first.

Several facts about the land mass and the international agreements governing what could be done and also what couldn’t be done. Many photos were shown depicting the conditions in the base camp he was at and the methods used to complete the research project he joined during his stay, also the seals and penguins which come each year to have their young safe away from their predators.

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