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Pubs of Scotswood Road

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 8th June 2016.

Mr Michael Smith who worked for a pharmaceutical company and then software company in the aviation industry gave us a presentation today on “Pubs of Scotswood Road”.

Michael started by saying the show was more about the area and history than the Pubs themselves. His first question was “do you know the number of pubs that were down the 3mile length of Scotswood Road” and then said he would tell us at the end of the show. Next he went on to tell us about the owners of the land covering the area which was the Scott family and in 1876 Richard Granger had to sell 5½ acres of ground due to his financial position at the time which was turned into factories to build steam powered cranes and later armament for naval ships and land based armies.

The owners build housing for its workers around the factories making Elswick and Benwell also Pubs were attracted to the area due to the nature of the work and needs of the working class men. A public bathing house was also opened in 1856 and it was said that “it would keep the lower classes off the streets and out of the pubs” but that was never proven. The total number of pubs along the full length of Scotswood road was 50 but only 34 where there at the same time also drunkenness was not restricted to the working class as many instanced are recorded of Ministers, Managers and wealthy gentlemen were known to have to be rescued after passing out anywhere around the town or county in a drunken stupor.

This was a very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

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